dating one legged women

Apr 24, 2008

... I dont know any one-legged women. ... Dating pretty much sucks no matter who you are, and Im sure its no picnic for a guy with no legs.I began dating a fellow teacher whom I had been car-pooling with. .... I felt that I was an incomplete woman - that no man could ever desire my body again

. ... I had skied a few times before when I was able-bodied, but skiing on one leg was ...The "stump" would be a turnoff, not that I would turn away a beautiful woman. But the knowing after a date that she has one leg would be .....

. a female rival told me I was less than a woman because I have one leg. ... The dating ended abruptly because I realized that the brother could not fathom the ...There are women who dont care about outward appearance, but whats .... My boyfriend, actually my fiance, has only one leg, his left one was .

..They wanted someone with one leg because thats what the joke was about. There were four women who auditioned for the role. I never wear my prosthesis ...OkCupid Free Online Dating - The fastest growing free dating site for singles. ... to read all the great profiles of so many accomplished women here in DC and ..

. Ive tried a bit of vegetable gardening but the long legged suburban rats (deer) ...Join Date: Sep 2008; Age: 33; Posts: 92; Rep Power: 0: dlp2 is a .... ahahahahaha oh my god youd have sex with a one legged woman !Nevertheless all the discomforts I might have to live with, I wonder how girls/women would react to this. If you, as a girl, have a date with a guy in his twenties, ...Having said that, if he was on POF and had written on his profile that he had only one leg I cant say for sure I would have met him if I took into ...
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